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Finding a Reliable Pest Control Company

If you have a pest control issue that you do cannot handle by yourself, you may decide to hire a professional applicator. But how can you be certain that a pest control company will be a good choice? Prior to hiring a company, consider the questions below:

1. Do they hold a license?

In most cases, pest control services need a state license to operate legally. If this applies in your state, get in touch with your State Pesticide Regulatory Agency to ensure that your prospective company’s license is valid. Also find out if they are bonded, meaning, should there be any damage or loss caused by any of their workers, the company will reimburse you for the cost.
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2. Do they plan to discuss with you their proposed treatment for your home?
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Picking a pest control company is no different from picking any other professional service provider. You have to look for the same high competence that you are expecting from your attorney or physician. Any company, especially those which advertise themselves as “green,” should first examine your area before presenting a treatment proposal.

3. How’s their track record?

Don’t just take a company’s salesperson’s word when it comes to their track record. Instead, do your own research. Check with your State Pesticide Regulatory Agency if your prospective company has any record of consumer complaints. Check with your own friends and neighbors too, in case they have hired the same company in the past. If so, were they happy with what they got?

4. Do they have the appropriate insurance coverage?

Again, don’t just count on the salesperson’s statements; look for proof of that they do have the right coverage. Majority of contractors have general liability, including sudden and accidental pollution insurance. With they do have insurance, you will be protected financially in case there will be accidents as they perform their job in your property. Workmen’s compensation insurance is another type of coverage contractors may have, protecting you against the financial impact of workers getting injured while on your site. While it is not required in most states, insurance is something you’d like your prospective exterminator to have for obvious reasons.

5. Do they provide a guarantee for their work?

There is only one simple yet crucial reason to go for a pest control company that provides a guarantee: you want to hire people who are confident about their own work. Otherwise, why trust them in the first place?

6. Do they have affiliations with any professional pest control association?

Professional associations, whether local, state or national, make sure their members are always updated in all the areas of the pest control business, from techniques to research to safety and the rest. Additionally, members vow to uphold a code of ethics, meaning you will likely get better service from a company that is affiliated, since professional ties normally indicate a passion for quality.

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